Try the first VR MMORPG set in a futuristic fantasy world.

Zenith is the first VR MMORPG where millions of players can adventure together in a gorgeous, anime inspired world.

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Welcome Home

Explore futuristic cities and overgrown settlements with thousands of players. Go on epic adventures together, or forge your own path.

Avatar Customization and Voice Modulation

Be who you want to be and live our your virtual life with an extremely robust avatar customization system.

In addition, voice fonts change your voice to make you sound like a robot, a woman, or man.

Comfortable Teleportation Free Locomotion

Explore the world free of dizziness, with our out of body locomotion system. 

Our system evolves beyond other games by allowing you to explore worlds seamlessly without immersion breaking teleportation. Feel a real sense of space, but you won't get sick.

New, yet familiar

A completely immersive world at your fingertips. 

Our mechanics combine the physical realism of virtual reality, while being inspired by our favorite 2D MMORPGs with complex skill rotations and raid boss fights that require co-ordination

Live in a world unlike any other. Welcome to Zenith.

Find your true calling.

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